It was clear to Robert Leeburg’s parents that he would be an artist when, at the age of two, he drew wonderful unrequested “pictures” on the walls of the family’s new home in Orange County. He pursued this passion in junior high and high school as a cartoon strip artist for the school newspapers. At the age of fifteen he accompanied his father, Lew, on a trip to New York City to see an extensive exhibition of Picasso’s work at MOMA. This experience changed Robert’s attitude about his own work. In his words:

“What Picasso could do with just one line was remarkable. Not to be so arrogant as to compare myself to the genius, Picasso — but after years of devaluing my drawings as ‘just cartoons,’ I realized that the power of that single line to express humor, an emotion, or an action was as valid an art form as any other – it was just different, and it was dynamic and artful in itself. This insight gave me new encouragement to pursue my own work as more than ‘just cartooning.’”

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which he helped Bob Guenette run until the latter’s death in 2003. Of the more than forty hours of television they produced during that time for clients like HBO, CNN, and Discovery, among the most noteworthy projects were the twenty-hour series Celebrate the Century with narrator Christopher Plummer and Legends, Icons, & Superstars with narrator Roy Scheider. Funded by Warner Bros. Studios, and produced for long-time client David L. Wolper, these documentaries covered the significant historical figures and events of the twentieth century. Bob Guenette and Robert later founded the Los Angeles Media & Education Center (LAMEC), a non-profit organization whose mission was to bring the diverse populations of Los Angeles together through the arts.

After the death of Bob Guenette, Robert was involved with a variety of activities, working with DMS Productions to produce materials for the Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy shows and, later, several reality TV shows. However, from the age of ten and through all the post-UCLA years, he continued to create and publish holiday greeting cards for his family’s ever-expanding group of recipients, including his own business associates and friends, his father’s colleagues at UCLA, and the clients of the UCLA Anderson IS Associates. Political and social themes always informed his work in the usually less topical art form of greeting cards. These cards have appealed to all persuasions in a large and geographically diverse group of family, friends, and colleagues. Over the years, many of these people have asked Robert why he didn’t get into the greeting card business. This universal embrace of his work has encouraged him to return to his artistic roots and pursue a career in greeting-card cartooning.

So here he is, literally back at the drawing board, producing greeting cards for the larger public.
He hopes you enjoy both receiving and giving these cards!
This new company’s motto is “Not Just a Card—a Leeburg Designs Creation.”

Robert was accepted into the UCLA Film School, where he spent much of his time in the animation lab. He also blossomed as a live action director and sometime actor, making the acclaimed and multi-award-winning short film, Misconceptions. Ironically, upon graduation, while most of his animation colleagues went off to places like Disney or The Simpsons, Robert ended up taking an unexpected turn into the documentary film world, spending a successful and rewarding thirteen years at Robert Guenette Productions,